About Eyes of Texas Vision Care

Visiting an optometrist in Austin provides an opportunity to improve your vision and address concerns related to your eyes. Whether you need eye disease treatment or you simply want to keep up with changes to your vision, an Austin eye doctor at Eyes of Texas Vision Care offers a solution to help with your goals.

Our Practice

Our clinic is a family-friendly environment that focuses on providing a warm and welcoming feeling from the moment you walk through the door. Dr. Fern Yee, O.D. recognizes that you may feel uncomfortable with an eye exam in Austin and takes measures to provide an environment that helps you relax while evaluating your vision. We also take the time to help you find the glasses or contact lenses that appeal to your specific goals and style preferences.

About Dr. Fern Yee

Dr. Fern Yee, O.D. completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. After completing her initial studies, she decided to become an eye doctor in Austin by completing a Doctor of Optometry from the Pacific University in Oregon. She finished her graduate studies in 1993 and began her practice in Canada.

After completing years of work in Canada, she moved to Austin and began providing eye care services to local residents. She is an Austin optometrist who takes her work seriously and provides the optimal care available for her patients. She recognizes that patients want the best treatment and Dr. Yee takes measures to keep your eyes in good health. She is passionate about eye care and gives you the service you expect from a professional.

Services We Offer in Austin

The services we offer to residents of Austin focus on your specific needs. Dr. Fern Yee provides a warm and inviting environment to make you feel comfortable when working on improving your eye health.

The services we provide include:

  • An eye exam in Austin, which helps us determine changes to your vision and catch problems at an early stage
  • Corrective lenses, like contact lenses and glasses, to help manage visual concerns
  • Treatment for eye diseases to slow the progression of a condition or address the cause of the condition
  • Co-management after a surgery to help you keep your eyes healthy after you visit a surgeon

We focus on providing the foundation of proper care for your eyes. When we refer you to an eye surgeon, we help with the aftercare services you need during recovery from the treatment. We also make it easy to keep up with changes to your eyes by catching problems early and addressing your concerns.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Fern Yee, O.D. In Austin Today!

Your eyes play an essential role in your experiences and health. To keep your eyes healthy, you need regular exams from an Austin eye doctor. At our clinic, we make it easy to keep up with your visual needs by providing a comfortable environment during your treatments. To learn more about our services or to set up an appointment to discuss your concerns with an Austin optometrist, call 512-454-5117 today.