Learn About Halloween Contact Lens Safety

You’ve got the perfect costume all planned out, and now all you need are the perfect eyes to go with it. Good news: We can help. Before you take the plunge and order lenses from an online provider or a costume shop, read this handy primer on Halloween contact lens safety from Eyes of Texas Vision Care.

While Halloween contact lens safety probably isn’t something that’s been on your mind all year, now’s the time to start thinking about it. If you want to use contact lenses to bump up a costume, that’s great … but not unless you do so with the utmost Halloween contact lens safety in mind.

How to Get Safe Decorative Contact Lenses

The only safe way to acquire decorative contact lenses is to go through a licensed optometrist. While you can order contact lenses online, you do so at your own risk. Many of these have low manufacturing standards, were made in other countries and are not approved by the FDA. If you want to ensure your decorative contact lenses don’t end in tragedy, go the professional route and talk to an optometrist at Eyes of Texas Vision Care.

When Is It Safe to Wear Halloween Contacts?

It is safe to wear Halloween contacts when:

  • You got them from a licensed optometrist
  • You have been instructed in how to use them
  • You understand the cleaning and wearing instructions
  • You know when to throw them away
  • You understand the risks associated with putting them in your eyes

The good news is, if you work with an optometrist to source your lenses, there shouldn’t be any risks to wearing Halloween contacts.

Don’t Skimp on Safety This Halloween

Just because contact lenses are decorative does not mean you don’t have to follow the same precautions as you would with regular prescription lenses. Contact lenses still carry the risk of allowing bacteria and detritus into your eye, which can cause infections and injury.

If you’re wearing decorative lenses this holiday, make sure to remove them on schedule, wash them thoroughly and store them properly. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating damage.

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