Contact Lenses from Our Austin Optometrist

If you’re looking forward to trying contact lenses as a convenient, discreet alternative to eyeglasses to correct your vision issues, entrust your eyes to Eyes of Texas Vision Care. Our optometrist in Austin TX, Dr. Fern Yee, O.D. can make sure you select the most effective contact lens option for your specific needs, providing expert fittings for safe, comfortable wear and accurate vision correction.

While eyeglasses provide excellent correction of common vision problems such as refractive errors, contact lenses have some distinct advantages over this centuries-old technology. For instance, if you play sports or lead a very active lifestyle, you might find eyeglasses hard to keep up with and/or too fragile for your needs. Contact lenses have no frames or moving parts to break, and they remain in your eyes until you take them out. Contacts also rest directly on the cornea, doing away with the aberrations and distortions that may be evident when you look through lenses perched on your nose. Or you may simply prefer your appearance without glasses, making contacts the natural alternative.

Contact Lens Exams from Our Austin Optometrist

Our Austin optometrist will be happy to guide you through the contact lens selection and fitting process, starting with a contact lens exam. This exam is different from the vision test that gives us your corrective lens prescription. Dr. Yee uses a corneal topographer to obtain an exact map of your cornea, we do this by measuring your pupils and cornea carefully to make certain your new contacts will fit perfectly on the eyes. Techniques such as keratometry and digital corneal topography allow your contacts to match your corneal curvature exactly.

Contact lens exams also involve choosing the right type of lenses for your eyes and lifestyle. For instance, our optometrist in Austin will ask you whether you would rather slip on a fresh pair of single-use lenses each day or go with extended-wear lenses that require less frequent insertion and removal. We will also determine whether a condition such as dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, keratoconus, or a complex refractive error may dictate your choice of lens.

Let Us Provide the Perfect Contact Lenses for You

For many individuals with simple corrective prescriptions, simple soft contacts provide good vision correction. If you have a trickier prescription, or if the proteins that tend to collect on soft lenses irritate your eyes, your Austin optometrist may recommend rigid gas permeable contacts instead. We can also provide specialized lenses such as toric lenses, which are especially good at correcting the individual corneal “pits” of astigmatism, and scleral lenses, which vault completely over abnormally shaped corneas (such as those seen in keratoconus). Presbyopia sufferers can get multifocal contact lenses that correct near, intermediate and distance vision simultaneously.

Contact Our Local Optometrist in Austin for More Contact Lens Information Today!

These and other “hard to fit” conditions pose no problems for Eyes of Texas Vision Care. So if you’re ready to explore the wide world of contact lenses, contact our optometrist in Austin at 512-454-5117 to schedule a contact lens exam!